Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexander kask Elo f55deb4408 Score Controller and database module uses new database operations 1 year ago
  Alexander kask Elo d63af38f82 Rewrote database portion of the API as old one had multiple problems 1 year ago
  Alexander kask Elo 6e847f6259 Refactoring small things 1 year ago
  Alexander kask Elo 52c61f9c02 Removed debug Thread.Sleep for debugging getting name in Unity 1 year ago
  Alexander Elo ac79ad80dd Added delay for getting the name for testing purposes 1 year ago
  Alexander Elo 2c9e0dfc23 Scores are now returned as a JSON array 1 year ago
  Alexander Elo fb4031cffd API now can generate a gnome name 1 year ago
  Alexander Elo 529b4646b1 Changed TOP10 list to TOP5 1 year ago
  Alexander Elo 76bf029c28 Added bat script for Linux publishing 1 year ago
  Alexander Elo 995a59a2a1 Removed template controller 1 year ago
  Alexander Elo 7c7bb071aa Initial commit 1 year ago